2016 Season:
Date:                                   Venue:                                                                                    Result:

June 25                                     Redfish Shootout Series Carolina Beach, NC                                  2nd Place
June 4                                       Carolina Redfish Series Atlantic Beach, NC                                    6th Place
April 3                                      Redfish Shootout Series Surf City, NC                                            1st Place

2015 Season:

Date:                          Venue:                                                                                                           Result:
April 11                     Low Country Redfish Cup Charleston, SC                                               Weighed 2 fish, results never posted
April 18                     Redfish Shootout Wrightsville Beach, NC                                                 2nd Place
May 2                        IFA Redfish Tour Georgetown, SC                                                            4th Place
May 23                      Low Country Redfish Cup Beaufort, SC                                                   5th Place
July 25                      Low Country Redfish Cup Charleston, SC                                                0
August 8                   Hook and Bones Swansboro, SC                                                                 6th place
August 22                 Fisherman's Post Topsail Beach, NC                                                         8th place
August 29                 IFA Redfish Tour Georgetown, SC                                                            5th Place
Sept 12                     Low Country Redfish Cup Savannah, Ga                                                  1st Place
Sept 19                     Redfish Shootout Surf City, NC                                                                  6th place
Sept 26                     IFA Redfish Tour Fernandina Beach, Fl                                                    30th place
Oct 17                      IFA Redfish Tour Championship Hopedale, La, NC                                Fish DQ day one
Nov 7                       Redfish Shootout Sneads Ferry, NC                                                            boat problems
Nov 14                     Low Country Redfish Cup Championship Georgetown, SC                     2nd place      


2014 Season:

Date:               Venue:                                                                                             Result  
02/08                Low Country Redfish Cup Charleston, SC                                        6th
03/28-03/30      IFA Pro/Am Chalmette, LA                                                               4th
04/12                Low Country Redfish Cup Beaufort, SC                                           6th
05/03                IFA Charleston, SC                                                                            4th
06/07                Low Country Redfish Cup Wrightsville Beach, NC                         3rd
07/24-07/27     IFA Pro/Am Jacksonville, FL                                                            5th
08/02                Low Country Redfish Cup Georgetown, SC                                     2nd
08/09                Hook and Bones Swansboro, NC                                                      1st
08/16                IFA Georgetown, SC                                                                           0
08/23                Fisherman's Post Topsail Beach, NC                                                 7th
09/06                Low Country Redfish Cup Charleston, SC                                       13th
2014 Low Country Redfish Cup Team of the Year
09/20                Redfish Shootout Series Surf City, NC                                              4th
11/14-15          Low Country Redfish Cup Championship                                          2nd

2013 Season:


Date:               Venue:                                                                                                  Result           Weight
02/23               Low Country Redfish Cup Charleston, SC                                            6th                    8.0

06/08               IFA Redfish Tour Charleston, SC                                                          2nd                   7.59

07/20               Low Country Redfish Cup Savannah, GA                                             9th                    5.0

08/03               IFA Redfish Tour Savannah, GA                                                           8th                   7.38

09/28               Low Country Redfish Cup Charleston, SC                                           11th                  6.40               

10/25-26          IFA Redfish Tour Championship Houma, LA                                     37th                  27.50

11/8-9             Low Country Redfish Cup Championship Beaufort, SC                       1st                   18lb 8oz


2012 Season:

Date:               Venue:                                                                Result            Weight
March 24         IFA Redfish Tour Savannah, GA                                                 9th place                  6.25

April 28           Redfish Action Wilmington, NC                                                  2nd place                12.72

June 2              IFA Redfish Tour Charleston, SC                                                7th place                   6.18

June 23            Redfish Action Sneads Ferry, NC                                                2nd place                 13.04

August 4          Redfish Action Beaufort, NC                                                       3rd place                 12.98

2012 Redfish Action Series Champions/Team of the Year

August 18       Oriental Rotary Inshore Slam                                                       2nd place                  12.10

Aug. 24,25      IFA Redfish Tour Titusville, FL Regional Championship          DNF Outboard problems

Sept 15           North Carolina Inshore Championship   (Red/Flounder)              3rd place                     8.99      

Oct. 26,27      IFA Championship Chalmette, LA                                              19th place                   22.12

2011 Season:
Date:                       Venue                                   Result             Weight

March  13            IFA RedfishTour Savannah, GA             3rd place             8.89                               

May 21               Redfish Action Beaufort, NC                   8th place            11.01         

June 4                IFA Redfish Tour Charleston, SC             6th place             8.23

July 16               Redfish Action #2                                    3rd place            12.11

September 17     IFA Redfish Tour Surf City, NC        1st place             11.35

2011 IFA Redfish Tour Atlantic Division Team of the Year

September 24     Redfish Action #3                                   8th place              9.39

October 21-23     Cape Fear Red/Trout Guide To:
                          Team Champions
                          Grand Champion Angler
                          Runner-up Grand Champion Angler
                          Spin Division (Artificial Bait Category)

November 4-5     IFA Championship Chalmette, LA       19th place            22.12



2010 Season:

Date:                          Venue                                               Result                 Weight

March 20              IFA Redfish Tour Charleston, SC      15th place          8.00

May 15                Redfish Action #1 Beaufort, NC         9th place          10.88       

May 22                IFA Redfish Tour Surf City, NC        1st place          14.46

June 19               HT Redfish Series MHC, NC             9th place           9.39

July 10                Redfish Action #2 Beaufort, NC         10th place         10.75

September 18       Redfish Action #3 Beaufort, NC          12th place           8.4

September 25       IFA Redfish Tour Georgertown, SC     12th place          7.33

2010 IFA Redfish Tour Atlantic Division Team of the Year

October 28-30      Redbone Series Red/Trout Celebrity Classic Guide to:
                          Team Champions
                          Grand Champion
                          Runner-Up Champion
                          Most Redfish Released
                          Most Trout Released
                          Spin (Artificial bait) Division

November 4-7       IFA Redfish Tour Championship        13th place         20.29
                           (Orange Beach, Al)

2010 IFA Redfish Tour Cabelas National Team of the Year


2009 Season:

Date:                              Venue                                            Result                 Weight
March 28                  IFA Redfish Tour Charleston, SC   10th place          4.16

May 2                      Redfish Action Atlantic Beach, NC    9th place          4.85  

May 23                    IFA Redfish Tour Surf City, NC        5th place         12

July 11                    Redfish Action Beaufort, NC            1st place         14.45

July 18                    HT3 Redfish Series Charleston, SC  4th place          4.60


August 8                  CCFA Redfish Series Swansboro, NC 7th place       11.62

September 19           Redfish Action Morehead City, NC   1st place        13.47

2009 Redfish Action Series Champions/Team of the Year

September 26           IFA Redfish Tour Morehead City, NC 5th place      11.47

2009 IFA Redfish Tour Atlantic Division Team of the Year

October 17               Redfish Action Championship           7th place      10.57

November 5-7           IFA Redfish Tour Championship      23rd place     16.54


2008 Season:

Date:                                                 Venue                                                 Result                      Weight                   
April 5                                    IFA Redfish Tour Charleston, SC                   22nd place                    1.86

May 3                                     Redfish Action Tournament #1                       2nd place                   12.88

June 7                                    IFA Redfish Tour Surf City                               3rd place                    13.88

June 21                                  Crystal Coast Tournament #1                        9th place                    14.05

July 12                                   IFA Redfish Tour Savannah, GA                      21st place                     5.69

2008 Final IFA Redfish Tour Atlantic Divison Standings                                 4th place

July 26                                   Redfish Action Tournament #2                        2nd place                   13.61

August 9                                Crystal Coast Tournament #2                         7th place                   12.68

September 13                        Crystal Coast Tournament #3                       12th place                    7.43                                                    

2008 CCFA Redfish Series Final Standings                                                    7th place

September 20                        Redfish Action Tournament #3                        5th place                   10.98                                     

2008 Final Redfish Action Challenge Standings                                            2nd place

October 4                               Inshore Classic Open by Redfish Action          3rd place                   14.14                            
                                                                      2nd place TWT

October  16-18                       Redbone Cape Fear Red Trout                       6th place                                                                     

October 24-25                        Redfish Cup U.S. Invitational                         31st place          Day 1:  11.38 11.38        
                                                                                            Day 2:   14.74 
                                                                                                                                             Total:    26.12     

November                              IFA Championship Panama City , FL                48th place       Day 1:    2.60
                                                                                                                                             Day 2:  11.87
                                                                                         Total :  14.47